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Flaming Eagle Ministries seeks to touch the hearts of people with the simple, yet profound, ‘good news’ message of Jesus.  We have local gathering meetings throughout the month and special equipping events, as God directs us. Please see our Resources page to order available teaching files and our Events Calendar to keep up with meeting times and locations.

The call is going out…
The Bridegroom is calling for His bride. At Flaming Eagle Ministries, we believe that the Bride is being called out from the traditional church order to a higher calling by her Bridegroom. As the Bride comes on the scene, the world, the worldly church, and the old church order resists and persecutes it, as they hold onto the ways of the old wineskin. This persecution and disruption is directed by the Father to make the Bride ready for Jesus.  Let us allow His revelation to align our hearts wholly unto Christ, the Lamb of God. It is not Christ plus something else; just Christ.

The Bridegroom’s invitation has been extended to you at this appointed time to turn and see a fuller measure of Christ and His gospel.  One of the facets of the Bride is the Apostolic Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This Apostolic Gospel must overturn and disrupt most of our doctrines and beliefs and all things that we esteem above Jesus. If we do not allow this disruption, we will be doomed to repeat history by resisting and persecuting the true gospel—Jesus—which the apostles and prophets laid as the Chief Cornerstone and foundation of the New Testament church.

 It is our choice to make. The invitation to be part of the Bride is extended by Christ to all. Are you listening? This is an appointed time. The Holy Spirit pursues you and has placed in you the yearning to go on with the Lamb of God, Jesus. It is time to drop all of your old tired excuses and stuff.  This is your appointed time. Can you miss it? Yes, you can. “For many are called, but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14) You can overthink it or reason your way into saying “no” to this invitation and continue in your current path; or you can say “yes” to Jesus.  To become the called-out ones, the Bride, is not going to be easy or seeker-friendly for any of us.  Jesus invites us to fall on the Rock and be broken to pieces, or the Rock that He is will fall on us and grind us to dust! (Matthew 21:44). What will your choice be?

 If you believe that the Bride is a higher calling unto Jesus and that call is burning inside of you, come join your hearts with ours. We make no apologies and offer no arguments. Christ, our Bridegroom, has etched His image on our hearts and you are invited to pursue Him with us.

(updated 10-17-16)

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